I love the “Bake Sound to F-Curve feature” in blender. Whenever I’m playing with shape keys or armatures I always end up doing something with sound.

I suppose then it’s a bit shameful that I’ve not yet figured out the frequency bands to create a good visualisation from. No matter, it’s funny enough with my hamfisted frequency selection.

I have been wondering though if the bake sound to f-curve function is still being worked on. I have no idea how much work has gone into it up to now, but I don’t remember seeing much happening over the past few releases on that front.

It’d be really nice to see it have some default values for attempting to pull out drums/melody/vocals which I’d have though would be pretty similar frequencies across tracks although I could be totally and unforgivably wrong on that.

I might take a look at some visualisation code. There must be some online that I could look at and see what bands they use…

Anyhoo, enjoy.

Music: “Interlude(Total Tea Time)” by Anamanaguchi
Textures: 3D Reference Face Loops by Athey on Deviantart (http://athey.deviantart.com/art/3d-reference-face-loops-141698442) and something else that I munged together from other sources.
Models: Me (but obviously the one on the left was heavily influenced by the loop layout in the original picture by Athey)


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