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Stress Maps – Interesting Stuff

I’ve been playing with Stress Maps in Blender.
Basically, what I’ve been trying to do is set up a texture such that faces which are squished are one colour, and faces that are stretched are another colour.
I just got this working quite neatly.
Now, I can’t explain why the blend stops have to be where they are on my gradient to make it go from black to (nearly) white on this level of squish and stretch, but I toyed with it for a while and it looks pretty good.

The next thing to do would be to unwrap the object to a nice UV layout, bake out each of the frames to a sequence, then load that sequence in as a texture in cycles, but use the colour value to blend between two different shaders/shader noodles.

Might be useful for wrinkles and suchlike.

Video Demo:

Link to Blend File:

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