I’ve been hearing a lot about the “Dark-web” in the news recently.
I’m not one to get irate about a stupid term (Snrk! Yes I am, it happens *all* *the* *time* :P), but it seems a little silly to me to categorise a whole subset of documents as nefarious or illicit based solely on their availability.
Imagine for a moment the last post-it note you scrawled something on.
Unless you immediately took a photo of that note and placed it online for all to see, along with transcribed text so it’s easy to index and find, then you’re participating in “DARK-POST-IT” activity.
Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?
It does to me.
Sure “non-indexed web-site” or “non-referenced filestore” aren’t as catchy, but I tend to swing towards not vilifying a group if there are obviously sections of said group that shouldn’t be vilified.

Also, isn’t the content of every single web-server and personal computer that is specifically protected from access part of the *blech* “Dark-web” by definition?

Just a thought, brought to you by the Department Of Non-ambiguous Terminology.
Remember, if you’re planning on generalising over a huge group with a single word or phrase, just DON’T™.


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