Sooner or later I was going to have to get serious about sculpting.

Time and again I’ve watched videos of folks squishing and sliding verts around to amazing effect, producing fantastic sculpted models in Blender (among other packages).

I really love the sculpt tools in Blender. They’re great fun to use. More so if you have a pressure sensitive input device of some kind. I’ve been practicing here and there, mostly making humanoid, although not all of them are immediately recognisable as humanoid, especially in the early days.

It struck me the other night that my imagination is pretty poor at coming up with characters to sculpt, so I had in mind the idea that I might have a go at someone who actually exists.

If you want to see some amazing sculptures of people who actually exist (or have existed), you *really should* check out Doris Fiebig’s work over at It really is something else, and while inspiring, made me a little apprehensive to try my hand at creating a likeness.

So I considered a few options and came to the conclusion that if I did a sculpt of someone that I know personally, but that isn’t an instantly recognisable celebrity (is that harsh? I didn’t mean it to be love…) then I still have somewhere to hide when it comes to “Oi! That doesn’t look like such and such…” comments.

You may have guessed from the previous paragraph that my whizz-bang idea was to sculpt a likeness of my lovely missus.

It’s altogether possible that anyone reading this who has experience of painting/sculpting/photographing loved ones will at this point be saying, “well, that was a mistake” and it’s also possible that I’d agree, but not entirely.

You see, I’m fairly familiar with the subject’s face, so that helps, and I have access to the subject most of the time, so that helps too. I wonder if she minds being called “the subject”…

The difficulties begin when I want to show off work in progress renders. Now, I think that it’s pretty good work, but I also feel that it’s got to hit a certain level before I can show it to anyone, because of my relationship with the subject, and the possibility that I might get strangled in my sleep if I’ve done a poor job of it.

I’m really, really, really enjoying it though. It’s *great fun*. Even when I screw it up and have to smudge the crap out of it to get it back to a workable state, it’s all fantastically enjoyable.

So there’re ups and downs, but I’m glad I’ve had a go at this, and, with the subjects permission, will post some renders soon.


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