Hair is a bit of a let down on this one also.

I think I might be addicted to sculpting practice.
It’s not a major problem I suppose. I quite often find myself thinking about what to sculpt, how I’d do it, what it would look like, who might like it etc. and then I realise I was supposed to be doing something else. Fortunately, I don’t drive, so nobody’s in direct danger.
Anyhoo, a few more heads were attempted which you’ll find below.
I really ought to focus on materials, hair, lighting, backgrounds etc. but I burn through a lot of enthusiasm getting the face done, then I just want to see it look good.
Maybe I’ll spend some time setting up a little “head-studio”.

Hair and beard needs to be black for this to work…
Hooray! Bald! But I yawned 18,000 times while making this.
Oh my word, can someone do some free hair tutorials for me…
Another baldie thank goodness. Needs de-symmetrising in at least one spot

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