I’m a bit cross with myself because there’s plenty of other stuff I *should* be doing, but I can’t stop sculpting.
I fire up Blender. I see the cube. I think about vert modeling a bike, or a robot, or a building.
Then I switch to sculpt mode, turn on dynamic, and grab my stylus (ooh er…).

It’s a bit of an odd feeling. I can remember that I’ve made some decent stuff without sculpting. I can remember that there was a point when I didn’t have a stylus and barely sculpted at all, but for the life of me I can’t get “back there” and force myself to do something else.

I did try. I went looking for inspiration, but I didn’t get very far. I actually ended up back on Doris Fiebig’s site, so while there was more than enough inspiration there, it was all very… sculpty 😉

I can’t help but feel that I’m not ready to stop sculpting yet. I’ve done very few retopologies since I started this recent sculpting session (about two months now I suspect), partly because it’s dull as ditchwater, and partly because I don’t seem to be able to work in multi-res with quite the same flexibility as I can in dyntopo. “But what about texturing?” I hear you cry. Simples. I don’t care 😀 All through this, I’ve been saying to myself “If I can eventually produce fine sculpture, with all the right bumps and grooves in all the right places, it won’t *need* a texture, and if I ever specifically want to texture it, I’ll retopo it at that point, but not now.”

So there it is. I’ve carried on regardless. I may be damned to sculpting for the foreseeable future, but it’s an enjoyable damnation indeed, the most recent results of which follow.

Ps. Dynamic topology is lovely. I hear there’s some work being done to add a “detail flood fill” option. I can’t wait. It’d be super great also if you could crank the detail up and down and have it show you (non-destructively) what the model looks like detail filled at each level.

Jammy that the displace map made a nice base for the diffuse
Jammy that the displace map made a nice base for the diffuse
Wrinkles and pores (although hard to see) added
Wrinkles and pores (although hard to see) added
Make it so-and-so...
Make it so-and-so…
I think green is his colour
I think green is his colour
Female reclining
Naff hairdo, and composed out the hands and feet, but otherwise happy with this I think.

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