Last night I decided I’d return to trying to do portrait sculpts.
This was partly in response to attending the SculptCookie hangout where Jonathan Williamson discussed sculpted portraiture while actually doing one, which yielded some great tips (Inverting the crease brush? Why would I… wait a second… HOLY SHIT!) and was very enjoyable indeed.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been off the sculpting for a while. Getting back into it, I found that I’d (at least temporarily) lost some of the instinct that I’m fairly sure I used to have with respect to form and tool selection. This scared the crap out of me because I’ve done some fairly decent work in the past and all of a sudden, I couldn’t actually do it.

After attending the aforementioned hangout, I tried again and persevered and I think it’s coming back to me, albeit slowly.

“Attending” for me meant that I had the video window open on the smaller of my two screens while I played with sculpting in the larger. The outcome of that process is shown below.

Done during the SculptCookie hangout
Done during the SculptCookie hangout

From there I had a couple more goes, improving each time I think.

Done in 20 minutes on Friday night
Done in 20 minutes on Friday night
Further work on the previous image
Further work on the previous model

So that takes me up to last night when I decided portraits of actual people are what I want to be doing.
I didn’t have to think very hard to come up with a subject.
Required characteristics:
male (easier than the alternative)
short hair (bloody hate doing hair)
recognisable face shape
generally awesome

The missus was watching Serenity at the time which got me thinking along Whedon lines and for the last couple of years Halloween has been easy to cope with thanks to my labcoat, welding goggles white leather gloves and abattoir boots… there can be only one choice.
So here it is, my Neil Patrick Harris sculpture (mostly done, but the hair does suck).

More Barney than Billy, mostly due to the reference image I used
More Barney than Billy, mostly due to the reference image I used

I’m looking into (with the help of some G+ pals) other materials to use for presentation, but this is literally just “dirty vertex colours” (Barney would approve…) actually shot in vert paint mode I think.

More to come I think as I get back into this pursuit.


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