Tools of the trade

Some time ago, I glanced over at the kitchen table and upon it I saw various bits of make-up and make-up equipment, but also a pipe wrench and a claw hammer. Odd juxtaposition I thought, labeling the whole group in my mind as “tools of the trade”.

So yesterday, when I found a pair of nail clippers kicking around and decided to try to model them (they were fiddly, but not amazingly difficult) I decided to present them in a similar manner.

For the most part, you can probably ignore everything but the nail clippers as I must have spent about half an hour total on the rest of the scene, but I thought it looked pretty decent.

Could use some more compositing perhaps, but I wanted to move on and do something else at that point.


(Circus Backstage HDRI (poorly used I’ll admit) courtesy of sIBL Archive:

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